Under the contract awarded by TransnetBW, the company will expand the substation and install a further 110kV switchyard section at the site.

Alstom Grid in Dresden will complete the construction and assembly of the switchgear panels, while Alstom Grid Berlin will deliver the MSCDN system in August 2013.

The MSCDN system, which stabilises the voltage and increases the transmission capacity, allows grid operators to inject up to 250MVAr of capacitive reactive power at a nominal transmission grid voltage of 380kV.

Germany already has five installed Alstom’s MSCDN systems – two of them had been installed for TransnetBW, a subsidiary of EnBW. Five more systems are currently in the implementation stage.

Alstom Grid Berlin unit manager Jan-Hendrik von Auer said, "These two projects helped Alstom establish a long term partnership with the grid operator, which has now been strengthened by Alstom winning the new contract."