Delivered under the €75m contract, Alstom’s Steam Tail offering, combines two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and one steam turbine generator (STG) into one package for equipment performance optimization, higher efficiency, lower emissions, reduced costs and shorter delivery times.

In addition, the package is designed to work with the gas components at the plant which is claimed to become one of the cleanest natural gas facilities in Maryland.

Alstom Gas Business senior vice president Steve Meszaros said, "By bundling these two major components together Alstom is able to provide significant performance benefits in terms of energy output over the individual component approach."

The Wildcat Point facility is a key part of ODEC’s efforts to produce clean, affordable energy with natural gas, and represents one of several combined cycle plants being commissioned in the Mid-Atlantic region over the next few years.

Scheduled for commissioning in mid 2017, the plant will generate 1,000MW, and will deliver power to the PJM Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).