The company is to supply four 125MW Francis turbines and generators plus other equipment to the 500MW plant under construction on the Teesta river, in Sikkim region.

The approximately Euro40M (US$55.6MW) contract was awarded by Lanco Infratech Ltd.

The contract success for alstom follows awards in Venezuela and Sri Lanka.

In Venezuela, Alstom was awarded a contract by utility Edelca to rehabilitate the generators of the Simon Bolivar-Guri complex as part of a modernisation plan to increase plant availability to almost 90% by 2012.

The Euro31M (US$43M) contract, awarded in May, follows work on other units over 2005-8 and calls for refurbishment of five 630MW generators, including stators, rotors and supply of auxiliaries on powerhouse No 2.

The Simon Bolivar-Guri complex has, in total, 20 generating units with combined installed capacity of 8850MW. The complex was constructed over 1963-1986 on the Caroni river.

In Sri Lanka, the company has a contract to rehabilitate two plants – Wimalasurendra and New Laxapana – in the Laxapana complex by 2013. The contract is valued at Euro43M (US$59.8M) and was awarded by Ceylon Electricity Board.

At Wimalasurendra, Alstom will refurbish the plant’s two 26MW Francis turbines, providing new governing systems, control systems and regulation and brushless excitors.

Alstom will provide similar equipment for the two 52MW Pelton turbines at New Laxapana as well as new hoped runners. In addition, the capacity of each unit will be increased to 57MW.

The Laxapana complex has five plants.

Other projects underway in India that Alstom is supplying include six 40MW turbines and generators for Lower Jurala, three 77MW Francis turbines and generators for Chamera, four 60MW Francis units for Uri-II, two 55MW Francis units for Chuzachen and eight 250MW Francis turbines and generators for Subansiri.

In other news, the company has also joined the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), a group of corporations and environmental organisations calling for federal laws to cut greenhouse gases (GHGs).