DAP IO modules provide the fastest, most cost-effective and risk adverse solution to modernizing legacy IO modules while maintaining the investment already made into wiring, RTU cabinets and engineering. For utilities looking to swap out their legacy RTUs, Alstom also provides the DAP-100 multi-function server that provides additional features such as substation gateway functionality with NERC/CIP cyber-security, an integrated HMI and secure remote access to substation devices for automated file retrieval.

DAP IO modules can act as standalone IEDs with DNP 3.0 or IEC 61850 communications and redundant Ethernet communication ports, no needing for extra hardware: DAP IO has its own integrated network switch!

Advantages from the new DAP IO modules include

Reduced total deployment costs with substantial savings on:

Engineering design; new and revised station drawings
Testing and commissioning documentation
Re-wiring of RTU cabinets
Re-configuration of upstream devices including your EMS

Complete hardware replacement

Fully addresses concerns of component fatigue by providing a 100% upgrade
Avoids the headaches and issues of working with multiple vendors

Minimal downtime

One-to-one replacement with terminal block alignment for negligible rewiring with the use of two-piece Phoenix connectors
Reduced commissioning effort required
A quick upgrade that makes staying on schedule a reality!

RTU enhancement or replacement

Extension of the lifespan of legacy D20-type units by adding in Alstom’s DAPmini or completely replacing the old RTUs with the DAP-100,bringing in added features such as:

Integrated HMI
Communication support for: OPC UA Server, SEL, Modbus, SPAbus, IEC-60870-5 101/103/104, Courier, L&G 8979, SC1801, GE Hydran

DAP IO Applications include:

New substation RTC I/O deployment
Legacy RTU I/O expansion and replacement
I/O modules for integrated substation control systems
I/O modules for primary equipment monitoring
I/O modules for distribution automation