The alliance is said to be on the back of French Energy Regulation Commission’s call for tender for 100MW solar power plants using whole or in-part concentrated photovoltaic technology.

Combining their expertise in developing solar power projects, Alstom and Soitec are intending to make a competitive and complete proposal, reported MarketWatch citing Thomson Reuters.

Alstom Renewable Power president Jerome Pecresse told the website that the alliance demonstrates Alstom’s commitment to develop its offer and technologies for renewable energies.

"With Solar CSP (Concentrated solar Power or solar thermal) we are able to deliver equipment for large capacity units," added Pecresse.

"Thanks to our cooperation with Soitec in concentrating photovoltaic, we will propose a perfectly complementary offer for high efficiency power plants with flexible capacity and rapid deployment."

Soitec CEO Andre-Jacques Auberton-Herve told the website, "This cooperation with Alstom confirms that our concentrating photovoltaic technology is essential to answer to the growing demand in France and globally, for a clean, reliable and competitive energy."