Alstom has deployed three HYpact switchgear modules in Gänserndorf substation, located in lower Austria.

The HYpact-modules were connected to the grid and are an extension of the existing substation, which is owned by Netz Niederösterreich, a company of the EVN Group.

The Gänserndorf substation extension is the result of increasing wind energy infeed from the wine growing area in the east of lower Austria, and to ensure grid security in the future.

Alstom-designed compact hybrid switchgear, HYpact module features flexible design that enables for a large variety of layout configurations and is ideal for both cost and space savings.

Alstom Grid area sales manager Carsten Kramer said: "The compact switchgear HYpact constitutes the first delivery of its kind for the Austrian market, taking into account country-specific requirements such as the legal regulations for pressure vessels.

"At the same time, it is the world’s first HYpact switchgear delivered with a make-proof earthing switch that allows direct switching to an impending short circuit."

The hybrid switchgear has undergone testing in the Alstom Grid competence centre for live tank circuit breakers and compact switchgear assemblies at the Kassel site, the company said.