France-based conglomerate Alstom has supplied two high-voltage direct current (HVDC) converter transformers for the Rio Madeira power transmission line in Brazil.

The 2,375km long power transmission line features two converter stations at Porto Velho in the state of Rondonia and Araraquara in Sao Paulo state.

The line, which is claimed be the longest power transmission line in the world once complete, will be interlinked by two bipolar 600kV DC transmission lines with a capacity of 3,150MW each.

Alstom manufactured the transformers at its Wuhan factory in China and delivered them to the Porto Velho substation in north-west Brazil.

The company has also agreed to supply 28 transformers from its testing and manufacturing facilities in Stafford, UK, Canoas, Brazil and Wuhan in China, for the project.

The project has been designed to bring the electricity produced at two hydropower stations in the Amazon region, totalling a 6,300MW capacity, near to Porto Velho, to large populated cities in the south.

Upon completion, the HVDC link will generate power from renewable, hydro electrical energy sources and transport it across Brazil and into the national grid.

Six additional transformers produced at the Canoas site are currently being transported to substations in Porto Velho and Araraquara.