Alliant Energy's Interstate Power and Light unit, and the Central Iowa and Corn Belt power cooperatives have signed a joint operating agreement regarding the proposed Sutherland generating station unit four.

In addition, a potential fourth partner, North Iowa municipal electric cooperative association (Nimeca) has announced its intent to become a joint owner in Sutherland generation station unit four. Nimeca is currently in the process of conducting required public hearings regarding its ownership in the unit.

Under the terms of the joint operating agreement, the partners will each use a share of the 630MW generating station. The generating station uses hybrid technology, which will include output from the utilization of coal and agriculturally based products, such as switch grass or corn stalks.

Interstate Power and Light (IPL) expects to use approximately 350MW of output, while the Central Iowa and Corn Belt cooperatives will each receive 100MW of output. It is expected that Nimeca’s output share will be approximately 20MW.

IPL said that it is continuing to negotiate with other potential partners for the remaining output.