Donahue Gas and Productive Concepts will provide Indiana fleets with: equipment and labor to convert vehicles from gasoline to AutoGas, propane AutoGas fueling station on site at fleet base, safety and operational training for fleet personnel, year-round fuel provision, and ongoing expert technical support.

Candidates for propane vehicle conversions include many public and private fleets. Fleets that convert to propane AutoGas can expect: lower fuel costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lowered dependence on foreign oil, green branding opportunities.

Brian Donahue, owner of Donahue Gas, said: ”Donahue Gas has always been committed to serving the community’s propane needs. Our partnership with Alliance keeps us at the forefront of the quickly expanding AutoGas market.”

Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas, said: “In partnering with Donahue Gas and Productive Concepts, Alliance makes it easy for Indiana fleets to access cleaner, domestically produced AutoGas,” We’re proud to enable fleets to fill up with a better vehicle fuel.”