US-based solar project solutions provider Alion Energy is set to invest nearly $25m to develop its automated technology to construct solar projects.

The company, which has raised $10m in funds, is planning to put in the proceeds to build its initial line of machines, besides financing global expansion plans.

Recent funds follow a debt and equity process through which the company has raised $60m from investor group comprising Sequoia Capital, Bright Capital and Global Cleantech Capital.

Alion chief executive officer Mark Kingsley told Bloomberg that the company is expecting to raise about $15m as a part of Series C financing round.

The company is currently developing robots that can automate the solar farms installation, revealed Kingsley, also adding that the new technology would lower the cost of construction by cutting down labor required.

In addition, the machines are estimated to complete the project in half the time taken by the normal workers. Alion’s eight machines can build a 50MW solar project in about 3-month time.

Nevertheless, the company is planning to achieve the target by using four of the machines.

Alion currently is developing three solar projects of power capacity ranging between 1MW to 5MW in Saudi Arabia, the US and China.