Alico has been working with New Planet Energy (NPE) on this project since 2007. The New Planet Energy plant in Florida is expected to produce ethanol from cellulosic feedstocks, initially from yard, wood and vegetative wastes, taking ethanol production beyond reliance on food resources in the production of biofuels.

Craig Evans, who has served as an independent consultant to Alico since the inception of its relationship with Bioengineering Resources (BRI) and has been handling day-to-day operations for the project and for all grant and loan guarantee issues on behalf of Alico, has been hired by NPE to assure that there will be complete continuity as part of the phased transition.

Gary Smith, CEO of NPE, said: Despite Alico’s decision not to go forward, New Planet Energy has assumed this project, has selected and is in the process of acquiring a site for the project in the state of Florida, and intends to pursue the venture to its successful conclusion.