GridMaestro enables efficient operations and telemetry to optimize power grids.

The GridMaestro collection of both hardware/software and software-only products that can be used individually or in concert with each other. The data produced by GridMaestro is used to optimize the grid for a variety of use cases including: peak shaving, grid balancing, emission reduction, maximizing use of renewables, reducing outages and mitigating risks caused by demand uncertainty or fuel price costs.

“Alevo Analytics has created the new GridMaestro suite of products to enable the best possible efficiencies for any electric grid with the incorporation of energy storage,” explained Dr Randell Johnson, Chief Analyst. “With GridMaestro, Alevo Analytics now has the digital technology to enable a broader range of customers to analyse and optimize use of energy storage across multiple stacked services.”

The high performance computing and analytics capabilities provided by Alevo Analytics is a key differentiator for Alevo. By analysing all the different value streams and drivers of costs on the grid, Alevo Analytics provides its customers with a deep understanding of the entire economic landscape and value drivers for storage. With GridMaestro, Alevo Analytics has taken a huge step towards enhancing the real time solution with the GridBank.

“From the very beginning, Alevo understood the importance of investing in data analytics to figure out exactly where storage can provide the greatest value,” explained Per Dybwad, CEO, Alevo. “Having unveiled the world’s largest single coherent shared memory processing system at our North Carolina facility just last year, we’re extremely excited to now deliver GridMaestro, the next phase for Alevo Analytics. GridMaestro is a critical component in our offering, helping our GridBank customers with real time optimal operations of energy storage to enhance grid efficiency.”

The GridMaestro suite currently comprises: GridMaestro EMSTM; GridMaestro SCADATM, GridMaestro MVTM (Mesa Viewer); and GridMaestro SSETM (Stacked Services Emulator)