Canadian oil and gas firm Alberta Star Development has completed its second heavy oil C11-6-50-25 W3M (C-11) well in Landrose, Saskatchewan and has placed the well on production.

The initial production rates from the newly completed C-11 test well, have met or exceeded initial production flow expectations.

The C-11 well is offsetting the company’s producing C12-6-50-25 W3M (C-12) well, which is situated in Landrose, Saskatchewan.

The C-12 well is currently producing at 80bbls/d gross of heavy oil (4bbls/d net before payout and 20bbls/d net after payout).

Combined production flow from the C-11 and C-12 wells is approximately 160bbls/d gross of heavy oil (8bbls/d net before payout and 38bbls/d net after payout) to Alberta Star.

In addition, the company has completed drilling and casing of the heavy oil well situated at C14-6-50-25 W3M (C-14) in Landrose, Saskatchewan.

The company said that the C-14 well is expected to be completed and will be in production in the next few days.

Initial oil shows from the C-14 test well location, which tests the McLaren formation, have been extremely encouraging.

Alberta Star holds a 50% working interest in the C-11 and C-14 wells, which form part of the heavy oil assets acquired by Alberta Star in August from Western Plains Petroleum.