Topoyaco-1 is aimed at Prospect B, with 7.5 million barrels of prospective resources and Topoyaco-2 is aimed at Prospect C, with 19.3 million barrels of prospective resources.

Topoyaco-1, which has been a complex well due to problems of hole stability, has hence had a slower advance, although it is currently at total depth while Topoyaco-2 has run smoothly to total depth covering the whole of Villeta.

The well logs in Topoyaco-2 have shown significant sections of oil sands with porosities of 14-17% and oil saturations of 55-72%.

A first test is underway in 44 feet of the main sand body of Villeta, which has indicated the presence of oil of around 20 degrees API (final testing of the gravity has not yet been completed).

This oil gravity, and the presumed high viscosity, suggest the need for a test using artificial lift, which will be carried out in the next 1-two days.

In Topoyaco-1, open-hole pressure and flow tests (RFTs) have indicated several intervals that merit thorough testing, and the well is currently being cased in order to run those tests.

The next well in the block will be drilled immediately after Topoyaco-2 in prospect C. It will go down to the basement and it is aimed at the Caballos formation.

The company believes that the greatest promise in the block is prospect D, aimed at the subthrust, in which Petrotech assigned 46.9 million barrels of prospective resources (best estimate).

The first well in this prospect will be drilled early in the first quarter of 2011.

Topoyaco is a block of more than 60,000 hectares, which has shown several potential prospects in the foothills of the Andes Mountain chain, originally identified several years ago when 2D seismic was logged.