The Fall exploration program was conducted with an aim to assess new areas at the company’s two projects, which are currently in advanced stage.

At the Coosa Project, nearly 10,000ft of the projected 18,000ft of trenching have been completed so far, with surface trenching currently underway. The trenching program is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

The 11,500ft of trenching and start of a ten-hole preliminary sonic drilling program at the Bama Mine Project is likely to be completed by this year-end.

Prior to the program at the Bama project, the company is scheduled to finalise a Surface Use Agreement within the next two weeks.

Additionally, the SGS Lab in Lakefield, Ontario, has been provided with samples from both the Coosa and Bama Mine projects for scoping-level evaluations.

Alabama Graphite CEO Ron Roda said: "Because of the large footprint of prospective graphitic rocks on Alabama Graphite’s mineral leases, we have been focused on finding cost-effective solutions for evaluating the potential for near-surface oxidized mineralization.

"Based on the preliminary results, trenching is proving to be that technique. Excluding assays, our all-inclusive trenching costs are currently averaging about $3 per foot. By comparison, this is less than a tenth of what we have been paying for drilling.

"In addition, our discussions with Metal Mining Consultants confirm that trenching can be used in conjunction with drilling to define and upgrade our resource going forward. We look forward to announcing the results of this exploration this Fall for both the Coosa and Bama Mine Projects."