The company selected Nevada-based KLM Geoscience to carry out follow-up geophysics on five new targets identified as part of the airborne geophysical survey in May 2014.

KLM is currently evaluating both GEM-2 and TDEM systems over the defined Coosa resource.

Alabama Graphite Exploration vice president Douglas Oliver said the company’s surface sampling program is nearly complete therefore its goal now is to integrate the results of the air and ground geophysics as quickly as the data can be processed.

"Once the geochemical and geophysical data sets are integrated, the next step is to initiate a targeted sonic drill program," added Oliver.

"Ultimately, we anticipate that our program of surface sampling, geophysics and targeted sonic drilling will identify the most optimal targets worthy of a follow on comprehensive drill program in Q3 in order to establish the highest quality resource."

The company expects to complete a bulk sampling program and a preliminary economic assessment by the end of this year to further delineate the economics of building an environmentally sustainable graphite mine in the country.