The Updated Mineral Resource Estimate is based on both the 2012 and 2014-15 exploration and drilling programs, consisting of a total of 109 drill holes totaling 25,905 feet of drilling (including 40 new holes totaling 5,665.5 feet) plus 11 new trenches totaling 3,425 feet of sampling, which were treated as drill holes, as of October 2, 2015.

The Updated Mineral Resource Estimate was prepared by Metal Mining Consultants Inc. of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, who also prepared an initial mineral resource estimate for the Coosa Graphite Project in 2013. (Note: to view the Alabama Graphite Corp. Coosa Graphite Project 2012 and 2014-15 Drill Hill Hole and Trench Map, please visit the following link:

Highlights of the Updated Mineral Resource Estimate include:

Indicated Mineral Resource of 78,488,000 tons, grading 2.39% Cg at a 1% cutoff grade, for a total of 1,876,000 tons contained/in-situ graphite – the largest graphite Indicated Resource in the United States of America.

Inferred Mineral Resource of 79,443,000 tons, grading at 2.56% Cg at a 1% cutoff grade, for a total of 2,034,000 tons contained/in-situ graphite.

AGC’s 2015 drill program further substantiates the positive continuity of near-surface, oxidized higher-grade graphitic material, within a simple geological setting, successfully upgrading a significant amount of the previous Inferred resource to the Indicated resource category.

The drilling campaign successfully increased the amount of oxide material in the Mineral Resource Estimate.

AGC will utilize the Updated Mineral Resource Estimate to prepare its maiden Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA") for the Coosa Graphite Project, currently underway and scheduled for publication in Q4 2015.

The 2015 Coosa Graphite Project drilling program results successfully upgraded a significant portion of the previously released initial mineral resource estimate (announced on September 3, 2013 and filed on SEDAR at (the "Initial Mineral Resource Estimate") from the Inferred to the Indicated resource categories and sizably increased the Inferred resource category.

The Coosa Graphite Project resource pit measures 3,200 feet in a north-east direction and 1,900 feet in a south-east direction, with a maximum depth of 475 feet. The reported resource was constrained by a geologic model and by an optimized GEOVIA Whittle pit in order to identify the portion of the mineral deposit that may meet the reasonable prospects of eventual economic extraction.

In the Company’s Initial Mineral Resource Estimate, based on the results of a 69-hole, 20,239.4-foot drill program, the selling price for primary processed, run-of-mine production was assumed to be USD$1,450 per ton of graphite. Mining, milling and processing costs were estimated at USD$2.00 per ton for mining and USD$10.00 per ton for processing, based on publicly available graphite mining costs.

Donald Baxter, P.Eng., Co-Chief Executive Officer of Alabama Graphite Corp. commented, "The release of our updated, independent Mineral Resource Estimate for the Coosa Graphite Project represents a major milestone for Alabama Graphite and its shareholders."