Akocak HPP, which is estimated to cost approximately $124m, has been constructed at Arakli-Karadere basin in Trabzon. Akenerji intends to develop four other such projects with a total installed capacity of about 205MW in different regions of Turkey this year.

The development of the project is a part of the company’s strategy to attain diversity of resources in terms energy production and boost the nation’s economy by developing renewable energy resources.

Akenerji, which forged a partnership with CEZ of Czech Republic in 2009, has made investment on eight hydroelectricity plants representing a total capacity of 373MW, in addition to the current installed capacity of 373MW.

Ahmet Danisman, general manager of Akenerji, said: “Akocak HPP is of great significance to us also due to its being the first fruit of our HPP investments that have been going on for four years.

“This year, we will commission our Uluabat, Burc, Bulam and Feke 2 power plants which jointly have a total installed capacity of about 205MW. Thanks to these power plants to be commissioned subsequently, we will have prevented carbon emissions at an amount of 646 thousand tons, which is equivalent to 31 million trees, each year.”