Air Water Corporation (Air Water), a subsidiary of Air Water International Corporation, and its licensee WaterMaker (India) Pvt. Ltd. have installed and set up new air water station at Jalimudi village in Andhra Pradesh, India. This air water station will supply pure drinking water for the daily requirements of the local inhabitants. Both companies are working with local authorities to provide safe drinking water and improve rural communities in India and in other countries.

Michael Zwebner, chief executive officer of the company, said: This is truly a major accomplishment, in that Jalimudi is the first village in the world to receive water for its inhabitants on an ongoing daily basis that is made from the air. No water from rivers, streams nor wells are involved, — the water is extracted from the humidity of the atmosphere, and passed through a purification process into large dispensing tanks. This gives all the local villagers an ample supply of life saving and sustaining water. The villagers are truly in shock and awe; the local authorities are amazed at the sight and reality of water being produced from air. For the first time in centuries, this small poor village in a rural area of South India is able to have a secure, sustainable source of their very own drinking water supply.

Pallan Katgara, president of WaterMaker said that it was the Andhra Pradesh government that saw the benefit of providing clean drinking water using modern technology and made a commitment towards this project. Each village can have its own independent drinking water station and no plumbing is required to provide several communities clean water. Providing clean drinking water is a top priority for any government and leads to a healthier more productive population.