Air Products will build, own and operate an air separation unit (ASU) and integrated liquefier in the Nanjing Chemicals Industrial Park in Nanjing, for the supply of oxygen and nitrogen for the gasification facility.

The new ASU will produce over 1,500 tons per day (TPD) of gaseous oxygen and over 1,900TPD of gaseous nitrogen.

The company will also operate a liquefier and increase argon production to supply the growing regional merchant liquid industrial gas market.

Air Products intends to commercialize the new operations in 2013.

The company expects the liquefier will nearly triple its current production of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, and argon production will be increased by over 40% for the merchant market in the region.

Air Products president Steve Jones said this new ASU will be the third the company has built and will operate to supply the Wison Energy facility with tonnage quantities of industrial gases.