Agro Industries Chief Executive Boma Anga said that the installation, ownership and operations of the bio- ethanol refinery would be done by private companies.

Anga said that the second part of the initiative is to circulate the cleancook stove which will utilise the cassakero cooking fuel. This would require Nigeria households to possess new stoves called Clean Cook Stove since the cassakero will not be compatible on the existing kerosene stoves.

He also said that the stove is a non-pressurised alcohol stove which absorbs and retains its liquid fuel which prevents spilling, leaking, fires and explosions. The program plans to distribute about four million single and double burner type stoves to four million Nigeria families spread across the nation. Cassakero would provide Nigeria with a household fuel used for cooking, lighting, heating, refrigeration and also to generate electricity.

Anga felt that in order to be successful in this initiative, the project depended solely on the availability of an efficient, adequate and sustainable feedstock supply system.

Agro Industries plans to cater to the requirement for 4 million families by producing daily ethanol cooking fuel.