Anything Brands Online, Inc. (Anything Brands Online) said that its division, Anything Green Online (AGO) is developing large scale tomato farms by using growing system technology with the tomato grower and distributor in the US. With this technology, water use will be reduced by up to 75%, fuel use will be reduced by about 50% and agricultural chemical use will be discarded. The tomatoes have a considerably longer shelf life, which is a key benefit for the supermarkets and consumers.

As program developer, AGO organizes all aspects of the program combining the activities of growers, technology suppliers, funding sources and the buyers of the tomatoes. The growing system technology has been in commercial operation in North America for the last three years. Yields have increased with this technology, without increasing operating costs.

As the developer, AGO will earn 10% of the profits from the farms. It is feasible and the company anticipates to develop farms globally that will grow and sell as much as $2 billion in tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers per year, with total estimated annual profits of over $100 million. The agriculture technology has been in commercial operations for years in the US, growing peppers without chemicals in California. For the last four seasons, the technology has been utilized in growing tomatoes commercially in Mexico. Third-party data shows a dramatic reduction in water and fuel use and the removal of chemicals from the production of tomatoes and peppers. These and other benefits, incorporating longer shelf life, increased yields, earlier and later harvesting, have been verified over a 10 year period, without any improvement in operating costs.

AGO is presently in discussions with the investor groups who are interested in capitalizing the farms. As the relationships with funding sources mature, additional information will be offered to the public.

AGO is a US-based developer of agriculture and energy programs.