Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has signed a Letter of Intent with Aggreko stating that it intends, subject to negotiation of definitive terms, to award Aggreko a contract for the rental of 200 MW of emergency power. The contract would be for 100 MW of gas-fired and 100 MW of diesel-fired generation, and would be for a minimum one year term.

In view of the challenges facing the Japanese power supply, Aggreko has undertaken to start mobilisation of the equipment immediately. It is intended that the power plants will be installed at sites in the Tokyo Bay area, and will help to sustain the supply of electricity to consumers and industry which has been seriously affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. The Aggreko plant is expected to start delivering power to the grid in June. Rupert Soames, chief executive of Aggreko said, “Within a few days of the disaster, Aggreko entered into discussions with TEPCO to bring additional power to the grid. TEPCO has moved extremely fast and with great professionalism to define an engineering solution which will bring additional generating capacity to Japan.”