AERA HOME builds homes throughout Japan and is a leader in the effort to improve the environmental performance of homes and to make houses "smarter." The Kuraju series of external wall double-insulation homes offer high insulation and air-tightness performance, and also include the ZERO Kuraju version featuring a solar power generation system.

This time, by adding the battery storage system rental service, users can reduce upfront installation costs as much as possible, helping them to realize a new lifestyle that takes a smart approach to storing and using electricity.

As part of this alliance, the partners are offering a limited time promotion*1 for customers who purchase an AERA HOME residence between April 5 and May 31, 2014 of a package giving away a 10kW solar power generation system with cash amounting to one year’s rental of a storage battery system.

ONE Energy was established as a joint venture of ORIX Corporation, NEC Corporation, and EPCO Incorporated, and launched a storage battery system rental service in June 2013. This service offers a rental package comprising a home storage battery system made by NEC Corporation (capacity 5.53 kWh) paired with an app developed by EPCO called "pipipa" using a cloud-based data link. It is the first service of its kind in Japan*2. The package is good preparation for emergencies, but beyond that it provides a storage battery system that helps to reduce electricity bills and a system that enables users to visualize their electricity usage all for an affordable monthly fee*3.