ETA sponsored the Strategic Midwest Area Renewable Transmission Study (SMARTransmission Study) along with American Transmission Company, Exelon, NorthWestern Energy, Xcel Energy and MidAmerican Energy.

Quanta Technology evaluated transmission alternatives designed to support the integration of wind power generation within the study area, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio.

Phase Two of the study determined that the conceptual transmission overlays identified in the first phase of the study will have similar economic and environmental impacts.

The alternatives include a conceptual overlay that totals nearly 8,000 miles and uses primarily 765kV extra-high voltage transmission lines.

The SMARTransmission study’s goal is to develop a 20-year plan that will provide an efficient transmission system, minimize environmental impacts, and support state and national energy policies.