US-based Aemetis has upgraded its 50 million gallon per year capacity biodiesel and refined glycerin production facility in Kakinada, India, by adding a new biodiesel distillation unit.

The facility, had been built in 2008, to produce biodiesel and refined glycerin by using non-food by-products from the edible oil industry as feedstock to supply for biofuel, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets.

Aemetis said that the plant is the only distilled biodiesel producer in India, and is one of the only plants in Asia capable of producing large supplies of biodiesel that meet the rigorous European Union (ISCC) standards.

Around $20m biodiesel has been produced by the Aemetis plant in India and delivered to customers in Europe, in 2013.

Aemetis chairman and CEO Eric McAfee said the completion of the biodiesel distillation unit allows the company to significantly expand production levels in order to supply European and India biodiesel customers.

"Recently, the European Union adopted five-year, anti-dumping tariffs against Argentina and Indonesia due to large subsidies provided to their local producers," McAfee added.

"Since an anti-dumping tariff already exists against US biodiesel imports, European fuel customers are now focused on Malaysia and India as the remaining low-cost biodiesel suppliers to Europe."