Elmore Planning and Zoning recently approved changes to a county plan that makes it possible to rezone agricultural property to industrial in advance of AEHI building a nuclear power plant.

That decision has now been slated to go before the County Commissioners for a final vote of approval. Commissioners will begin the voting and approval process on July 26th.

Don Gillispie, CEO of AEHI, said: “This is an announcement we’ve been anticipating for a long time. Previous hearings on this matter were extremely positive for AEHI, with supporters outnumbering opponents by more than three to one. I believe that has everything to do with the Planning and Zoning approval and will certainly play a huge role as County Commissioners prepare to make their decision in just a few weeks.”

Another site already received similar approvals in Payette County, Idaho, with a nearly identical response from the community.

The company said that the proposal to build a nuclear power plant in Idaho is expected to increase employment by 5,000 jobs through the construction phase alone and over 1,000 during operations.