The granulation system uses a newly developed pilot plant built in Belfast to convert industrial/agricultural by-products, including sawdust, into high-value Biomass fuel granules suitable for use in micro-CHP (Combined Heat & Power) commercial and residential boilers and large-scale power plants.

Active Energy Group CEO Richard Spinks said that the game-changing granulating solution addresses the very obvious need for such a solution and the equally strong need for sustainable high calorific Biomass fuel.

"We are confident that the pilot plant we are unveiling today will amply demonstrate the potential of a full-scale commercial system to work in an efficient, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner and can speedily be scaled-up to service the needs of large corporations," Spinks added.

The new technology will address a major global problem, being the disposal millions of tons of sawdust by-product generated each year by the sawmill and timber processing industries in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner.

Additionally, the AEGP system can transform sawdust into valuable Biomass for Energy (BFE) fuel granules for use in power plants and micro-CHP boilers.

"This exhibition brings together all the different parties interested or already currently working with AEGP creating an opportunity for all, to view the technology and hear directly from the AEGP team."