Drilling is continuing toward the remaining to exploration target identified for this well, the Vulcan and the Plover sands.

The surface location Great Auk-1 well is about 10 kilometers (km) south of Puffin9 (an AED oil discovery in 2006) and 16km to the west of the Skua oil field, a producing field previously held by BHP Billiton.

The Great Auk-1 well is the first of a possible two well program. A decision has now been made that should there be enough time remaining in the drilling program the second well will be an appraisal well drilled updip of Puffin9. A 6m column of oil was discovered in the UK1a sands and about 4m of oil was discovered in the LK1a sands in Puffin9.

The West Atlas jackup rig is drilling the exploration well. Water depth is 60.4m. The rotary table elevation is 37m above sea level. All depths are reported as MDRT unless otherwise specified. Weather conditions are favorable and drilling is progressing to plans.