The newly launched ContraFlex Turbine Insulation Jackets provide a removable solution up to three times more efficient than traditional methods, to cut shutdown times in factories and nuclear plants, to save millions of pounds by reducing removal, maintenance and reinstatement schedules.

In what was known as the golden age of manufacturing in Europe during the fifties and sixties, this kind of maintenance was typically carried out during ‘factory fortnight,’ a two-week shutdown period often at the start of July or August, that halted production each year. Globalisation has contributed to the increasingly competitive overseas markets that add pressure on UK manufacturers and production plants to minimise shutdown times.

The ContraFlex brand has been used by EDF Energy at several nuclear power stations in the UK, including EDF Hartlepool – where it was used to insulate a number of applications including IP and HP governors and stops, IP cylinders, MBFP cylinders and at Hinkley Point B, covering similar applications.

Paul Kendrick, managing director at CoverTherm, an Advanced Insulation company, commented: “By cutting the removal, maintenance and re-instalment schedule from 7-days using traditional insulation to 3-days by utilising Contraflex insulation jackets and thereby reducing outage times – we have managed to save the user over £5 million in a single project, an achievement I am extremely proud of.”

For every day that a facility such as this is in ‘shutdown’, the costs incurred can be up to £1.7 million.

Jason Young, site manager at EDF Energy and Cape Ltd, added: “EDF are continuously challenged to provide innovative solutions that reduce application and maintenance times of a project while ensuring the thermal integrity and high standards of safety.

“I am very proud of the fact that we have achieved this using ContraFlex insulation jackets, an all-round world class product and service, for over four years at EDF Hartlepool.

“The ContraFlex jackets we utilised in this time-period have been removed and re-installed for maintenance purposes many times and have continued to function as per specification, with no issues.

“I would like to compliment the ContraFlex team on the professional and friendly approach they have provided in each aspect of this project.”

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