The national-hydropower-association (NHA) of the US, has applauded the Senate Appropriations Committee’s show of support for the Advanced Hydropower Turbine Systems (AHTS) programme.

The Senate’s support was demonstrated through the renewable energy research, development and demon- stration (RD&D) budget which is also funded through the Department of Energy (DOE).

The Committee has recommended that US$4M should be given to hydro power RD&D, matching the administration’s request.

‘The success of the AHTS will make it possible to deliver more efficient power while increasing survival rates of fish that pass through a turbine,’ Linda Church Ciocci, executive director of NHA said.

‘The hydro power industry has worked very hard to restore fish habitats and we remain committed to responsible stewardship of the nation’s waterways,’ she added.

The project to develop advanced turbines is a joint partnership by the DOE, the hydro power industry in the US and NHA. It started in 1994 with a dollar-for-dollar match by the industry and government, and to date has received more than US$4M in federal funds.
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