Adino Energy, an oil and gas exploration and production company, has completed Phase I of its workover program on its Felix Brandt and Felix Brandt 'A' leases located in southeast Coleman County, Texas.

The Felix Brandt leases consist of 12 oil wells, and with the completion of Phase I of the workover program, Adino has eight wells on production.

During Phase I, Adino perforated into new zones on two of the existing wells and applied acid/fracture jobs on both.

The company said it continues to improve basic infrastructure on the Brandt leases, including retention berms around the tank batteries, trenching flow-lines and removal of debris from the area.

Adino is also nearing completion of the development plan for its James Leonard lease, which consists of 94.6 acres of land contiguous to the Brandt leases, directly to the north.