The TT-08 well is a step-out well located approximately 1.7km east of the TT-04 well, which is located near the crest of the Taq Taq field, and is the second of two wells designed to appraise the flanks of the Taq Taq structure.

The TT-08 well was spudded in mid-July 2007 and completed drilling in mid-December 2007, after the rig returned from drilling TT-09, at a total depth of 2,366m. Testing of the TT-08 well commenced in mid-February 2008.

Interpretation of data acquired from the TT-08 well, including wireline and five meters of core, confirmed the presence of a significant and extensive fracture system in the tested.

The results of the drilling and seismic appraisal programs are being integrated into a full field development plan which Addax Petroleum and Genel Enerji expect to commence implementing in 2008. The first stage of a full field development plan is expected to include an early production system with the goal of producing approximately 10,000 barrels of oil per day.