After a careful evaluation of several methodologies, Adaptive firmed that the OVM offered the broadest set of capabilities best suited to scale within a multi-language SystemVerilog and e verification environment.

By selecting the Cadence Incisive solution for the OVM, Adaptive Chips is now able to seamlessly integrate newly created OVM VIP with existing e-language verification components (eVCs) and Cadence VIP products to offer the differentiated solutions important to their customers.

It was essential that we had the ability to scale and leverage several forms of legacy VIP within our verification environments, said Amjad Qureshi, vice president of technology of Adaptive. The OVM’s unique capabilities, robust methodology, openness, and maturity made it the obvious choice for our application. The rich debug capabilities and powerful multi-language verification engines in the Incisive technology also provided the solutions we needed to make the OVM the central part of our verification environment.

Co-created by Cadence, the OVM unites several advanced verification capabilities that the Adaptive teams compared thoroughly too alternative verification methodologies. These capabilities consist of seamless VIP integration, significantly lowering the overall cost of development, and hierarchically scaling of the OVM environment to the system level, enabling SoC verification. The proven class-based verification capabilities within the OVM were also easy to access and use, allowing the team to get up and running much earlier in the development process.

We’re excited to see the OVM and the extended ecosystem takes off so quickly, said Ziv Binyamini, corporate vice president of R&D at Cadence. There are many companies such as Adaptive Chips quickly discovering the flexibility of the OVM and the power Incisive technology adds to it for VIP integration, multi-language verification, and overall ease of use.