Acuity Brands, a developer energy-efficient lighting and control systems, has made a new addition to the Lithonia Lighting ALX line of outdoor LED area luminaires, expanding its portfolio of LED outdoor products designed to reduce lighting energy consumption.

The building-mounted ALXW LED luminaire designed for a variety of applications, such as hospitality, offices, schools and retail spaces, is claimed to produce as much light as a typical 250W metal halide (HID) fixture, while reducing energy and operating costs by 62%.

In addition, the ALXW is expected to meet or exceed recommended IES lighting illuminance levels, by delivering improved optical uniformity and color rendering and providing better illumination for architectural outdoor and pathway applications.

A one-for-one replacement for a fixture with a traditional HID lighting source, the ALXW has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours facilitated by the combination of its thermal management and an IP67 (dust and water ingress protection) rated light engine.

Acuity Brands vice president and general manager of Lithonia Lighting Outdoor Products Michael Naylor said that the ALXW delivers the right amount of light as a building accent or directly to the pedestrian pathway.