Up to thirty people have broken in to the site of the Tricastin nuclear power plant in Southern France, the French Nuclear Safey Authority (ASN) said 7:36am on 15 July.

So far, there has been ‘no impact’ on safety, ASN said. According to operator EDF, all of the protestors have remained outside the reactor building. ASN set up a national crisis centre at 7:15am to monitor events at the site.

As of 11:30am, most of the intruders had been arrested, and according to Greenpeace there were ‘three climbers’ still on ropes within the site.

The Greenpeace activists are calling for French president Francios Hollande to close the Tricastin plant. It said that if Hollande wants to keep his promise to reduce the share of nuclear power to 50% by 2025, ten reactors must close by 2017 and 20 reactors by 2020.

Photo: Protest at the Tricastin nuclear power plant, France (Source: Greenpeace)