Actel Corporation (Actel), a US based supplier of low-power field-programmable gate arrays and programmable system chips, has introduced a new fusion embedded development kit. The new kit allows system designers to quickly and cost effectively prototype a full system-on-a-chip design. The kit features the Actel Fusion mixed-signal (field-programmable gate array) FPGA and supports various processors, including license-free versions of the ARM Cortex-M1 and Core8051.

With Fusion and this new development kit, embedded system designers now can easily integrate custom logic and programmable analog features into their embedded processor designs, said Rich Kapusta, vice president marketing and business development. There is nothing else like Fusion in the industry and this low-cost, easy-to-use kit puts a tremendous amount of capability right at your fingertips.

Where Mixed Signal and Programmable Logic Meet:

In order to allow engineers to quickly prototype a complete system composed of a microprocessor core, programmable logic and analog blocks, the kit is built around a 1.5M gate M1AFS1500-FGG484 Fusion device. The well-equipped kit also includes the Libero Integrated Development Environment (IDE), SoftConsole, a 5V power supply and full current measurement capability of independent I/O banks and VCC for accurate power analysis. The kit is fully restriction of hazardous substance (RoHS) compliant.

Additional contents found in this kit:

Programming support of the Fusion device and debug with SoftConsole;

512 Kbytes of SRAM;

2 Mbytes of SPI Flash;

OLED 96×16 display;

USB cables;

Full 10/100 Ethernet interface;

Design examples;