Acta Marine stated that a challenging aspect of shallow water pipe or cable laying projects is the need to backfill the trench after the product has been laid.

Operators need an effective and accurate solution to meet this challenge. Furthermore, trench backfilling should ideally be performed in tandem with the hopper dredger that is dredging the trench.

Acta Marine’s DP Multicats have all the specs to handle trench backfilling projects. They have the Dynamic Positioning capabilities for precision tasks, and we can equip them with a backfill set and connect them to the leading hopper dredger. Our experience is proven as several of our Multicats have supported trench backfilling projects in waters of no more than 2 or 3 metres.

“Trench backfilling operations require a very specialised set of skills,” says Ruben de Vries, Project Manager Acta Marine. “Our experienced and capable crews have these skills, which, when combined with the performance and accuracy of our DP Multicats, can successfully execute projects in very shallow waters.”