Acrylatex Coatings & Recycling, a Southern California-based latex paint recycling facility, has launched new programs for commercial businesses, contractors and property managers to recycle their excess or unwanted latex paints.

Under these programs, Acrylatex will offer waste management services to ensure that the latex paints are processed in an approved manner to produce a recycled paint and will also provide the necessary containers, labels and shipping documents required by law to ship these materials.

Acrylatex provides free hauling of latex left-over from a customers’ site to its own facility using dispatched trucks, and also encourages direct customer drop-offs by appointment, making it easy for commercial businesses, contractors and property managers to dispose of the unwanted paint.

Acrylatex general manager Brian Brittain said that the company’s programs act as an incentive to encourage continued use of purchasing more recycled paints while keeping waste out of their landfills.

“Not only can we eliminate the burden of disposing of paint for any business that no longer needs it, but we do it by charging one of the lowest recycling fees in the area. In many cases, pick-up and recycling can be free if certain criteria are met,” Brittain said.