According to Acqua Innovations, the Solve H2O system is a new cost-effective approach for treating and purifying polluted water that substantially lowers initial capital expenditures and operating costs while maintaining similar or higher pollutant removal efficiencies as currently available methodologies for treating and purifying water.

The Solve H2O treatment system incorporates H2O NanoPure and H2O ConserveMax. H2O NanoPure is a specialized nanoparticle based purifying agent that is specifically formulated to target and extract specific contaminates, pollutants, valuable elements or compounds from impure water.

The H2O NanoPure, which adsorbs and removes the pollutant/impurity from the water, can be regenerated and reused onsite hundreds of times without loss of efficiency. It also allows for the collection of valuable elements or compounds for economic benefit or beneficial reuse.

The Solve H2O treatment system can also deploy activated carbon and synthetic media such as resins to treat polluted water.

The H2O ConserveMax is an advanced ultra-filtration technology. In instances where target impurities are removed from water but high levels of tertiary dissolved solids remain, H2O ConserveMax further purifies the water so that it is suitable for reuse in industrial or commercial applications.

Acqua Innovations CEO Meetesh Patel said that y unlike conventional water treatment methodologies that utilize multiple systems to treat and purify water, the company’s Solve H2O treatment system is a single-integrated water treatment and purification solution that permits the targeted extraction of pollutants, valuable elements, or compounds from water while simultaneously purifying up to 95% of the treated water to drinking quality versus legal discharge standards.

"One of our objectives is to develop solutions for treatment, removal, and purification serving many diverse sectors associated with water treatment and purification.

"In order to achieve this goal and lower the barriers of entry, we have designed each component of Solve H2O™ to operate as a separate standalone system or be incorporated into an existing underperforming system to improve the functionality of the inefficient system," Patel added.