The ’39, which comes with a warranty from ACG like all other ACG vehicles and can be customized for almost any purpose, has an aluminum I-Beam chassis and is powered by a 48V Trojan battery pack and an 11HP peak DC motor.

The options for the ’39, which features an on-board Delta-Q charger and a built-in LCD display showing battery charge indicator & speedometer, range from 17inch chrome wheels, to long-range 72V systems, to custom paint jobs, to hill climbing motors.

ACG president Ray Hoogenraad said that like the California Roadster, every line and curve of the ’39 is designed and customized top-to-bottom by ACG in California.

“With a retail price of just over $11,000, a low-speed electric vehicle with the styling and quality of the ’39 cannot be found anywhere in the world,” Hoogenraad said.