Digital Micrometers, available from Cropico, come with specially developed handspike test leads to add increased accuracy to the units’ rugged portable construction.

According to the company, the new HSO series leads are robust and easy to use, with a different handgrip design than conventional handspikes, allowing them to be held in any position needed for each application.

Built within a sealed ABS plastic case having a lid and carrying handle, the instrument offers pushbutton selectable ranges of 600µ? to 60?, with resolutions between 0.1µ? and 10m?.

The latest models also feature input protection up to 415V rms, key-protected digital calibration and a long scale length of 6000 count, displayed on a daylight viewable 0.8in LED with automatic decimal point and polarity indication. They offer 10A measuring current on the lowest ranges, plus forward and reverse measurement with an auto-averaging provision, with true four-wire measurement eliminating lead resistance errors, says the company. Tel: +44 208 6844025