Renewable energy developer Acciona has unveiled a new wind turbine hub assembly plant at Simões Filho in the province of Bahia, Brazil.

The facility was developed by Acciona Windpower, a subsidiary of Acciona and will have a capacity to manufacture 135 units per annum for the 3MW AW-3000 wind turbines.

Primary function of the hub is used to join the blades to the power train and transfer the energy captured by the blades.

Acciona Windpower energy division director general Rafael Mateo termed that the company’s wind power technology was currently employed across four continents and had proven to be reliable and competitive.

"We are proud to be contributing to the development a new industrial sector in Brazil, based on renewable energy technology," noted Mateo.

The new hub assembly plant is expected to provide employment to 30 people in the region and create 180 indirect jobs for companies supplying components for the plant.

Acciona’s facility in Simões is the company’s fifth manufacturing facility, alongside three wind turbine assembly plants.

The company recently concluded an agreement to supply 40 wind turbines, with a combined capacity of 120MW for CPFL Renováveis’ Atlántica wind farm in Rio Grande do Sul.