The first contract that includes supply of 49500 CELs per year for 20 years will be met from electricity from the Puerto Libertad photovoltaic solar plant in Sonora.

Puerto Libertad photovoltaic solar plant is developed by ACCIONA together with its Mexican partner BioFields. 

The 270MW Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant is claimed to become the biggest in Latin America when it enters service in 2019.

The second contract will supply 5000 CELs per year for 20 years from production at the ‘El Cortijo’ wind farm in Tamaulipas, owned by ACCIONA Energía.

The 168-MW El Cortijo wind farm, which will start operations in 2018, is owned by ACCIONA Energía in Mexico. 

Acciona stated that one CEL is equivalent to the production of 1 MWh of power from renewable energy sources.

In February 2017, CFE Calificados conducted an auction where 21 renewables firms participated to acquire 1m CELs.

CELs are granted to renewable firms who have registered in the national Certificate Management and are in alliance with Clean Energy Obligations System.

Since the approval of the energy sector reform in Mexico, the suppliers of electric power are required to offer a certain percentage of clean energy. Mexico has set a target to increase power supplied from renewables to 35% by 2024.