Abengoa has been awarded a contract by Gamesa to manufacture and supply the steel structures for two photovoltaic projects (130MW solar plants) that Gamesa will construct for the Indian company Atria Power as turn-key projects.

Abengoa, in particular, will be responsible for producing and supplying the steel structures that are necessary for the construction of 45 MW photovoltaics for the aforementioned project in Hiriyur, in the Karnataka region which lies in the southeast of the country. Works have already commenced and are expected to be completed this April.

This project is included in India’s renewable energy program which has the goal of increasing solar energy’s installed capacity throughout the country from almost 8 GW, which is the figure at present, to 100 by the year 2022.

This contract demonstrates the confidence that the sector has in Abengoa’s extensive experience in this field, in which it has completed more than 2.3 GW solar energy worldwide, from both solar thermal and photovoltaic energy.

Abengoa has developed a number of projects in India in the energy transmission sector as well as that of water. With regard to the latter, the company has constructed the country’s largest desalination plant, located in Chennai, which has the capacity to desalinate 100,000 m3 of water each day and supply drinking water to over 700,000 people.