The Namibia Custom Smelters (NCS) has selected ABB for a five-year full service agreement to manage and improve all maintenance activities at NCS’ copper smelting and converting plant in northern Namibia.

The plant consists of two primary smelting furnaces, three converters and produces about 200,000 tons of copper concentrate from the treatment of complex copper concentrates containing gold, silver and arsenic.

ABB under the full service agreement will manage and operate the plant’s maintenance function, develop and implement expert measures to improve productivity and equipment reliability.

The company will also retain and develop all the existing maintenance staff and management.

NCS vice president and managing director Hans Nolte said the company is confident that ABB will introduce the necessary skills and expertise to assist with converting the Smelter into a world-class facility.

"As new state-of-the-art technology is introduced, highly-skilled engineering staff will be required to maintain the Smelter in the future," Nolte added.

NCS is confident that ABB will apply best practices and transfer knowledge to Namibian employees who will benefit from this partnership in the long run."

The company will also provide process optimization, energy consulting and equipment lifecycle services, as well as to manage all third-party subcontractors and suppliers.