Officially launched last year at the company’s US Automation and Power World event in Houston, Texas, Transformer Intelligence® is a solution-based approach to extracting relevant data from transformers and interpreting that data to enable smarter decision making that optimizes performance, improves safety and lowers costs.

"The Transformer Intelligence® portfolio includes state-of-the-art sensors, monitoring platforms and software tools built upon our deep transformer expertise and backed by our specialist services and support," explains Graham H. Stallings, Director of Sales and Marketing. "With Transformer Intelligence®, transformer owners and operators get exactly the information they need to make smart, cost-effective decisions in a timely fashion. The solution is also very flexible and scalable so that it can easily be adapted to changing needs in the decades ahead."

"While sensors and monitoring platforms are key components of Transformer Intelligence, the heart of this solution is in the interpretive capabilities it provides," Stallings adds. "These capabilities are based on 100+ years of transformer manufacturing knowledge and the decades of experience that our field experts have acquired while helping customers analyze transformer data and providing them with recommendations. No other transformer supplier on the market can match the depth and breadth of our knowledge and expertise."

Under the banner "Smart today – Smarter tomorrow," the new Transformer Intelligence campaign aims to raise awareness among transformer owners of the importance of making well informed decisions on their transformers over the full operational life cycle.

"Smart grids and the Internet of Things are important trends that need to be taken into consideration when making major investments in electrical infrastructure," Stallings stresses. "Choosing transformers that feature Transformer Intelligence™ ensures enhanced performance, radically reduces risk of failure and extends product lifetime, which significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) across the complete product lifecycle."