ABB has secured orders worth more than $85m to upgrade Hydro Québec's 800kV air-insulated switchgear substations and transmission grid in order to integrate new sources of renewable energy.

As part of the project, the Swiss firm will design, deliver and commission circuit breakers with polymeric insulators.

It will also design, manufacture and deliver 450 megavolt-ampere (MVA) autotransformers and 735 kV shunt reactors.

The large part of 800kV networks that Hydro-Québec operates have been built in the 1960s and 70s.

ABB said it has been involved in the modernization of its power infrastructure over decades.

The company said circuit breakers play an important role in substations and essential for safe, reliable and efficient switching operations.

ABB’s transformer portfolio includes includes power transformers rated up to 1200kV.

ABB Power Grids division president Claudio Facchin said “We are pleased to continue supporting Hydro-Québec, in their ongoing efforts to strengthen Canada’s power infrastructure.

“ABB’s leading-edge technologies will help boost the integration of renewables, deliver additional power and enhance transfer of electricity over long distances. Ultra-high voltage transmission is a key focus area within our Next Level strategy and a key differentiator for ABB.”

Image: ABB to modernise power infrastructure of Hydro-Quebec. Photo: Courtesy of ABB.