The cable system will help integrate and transmit power from the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm.

ABB´s project scope includes the technical design, engineering and production of the high-voltage cable system including accessories and installation.

Claimed to be the world´s second largest in diameter, the submarine cable will be manufactured at ABB’s high-voltage cable factory in Karlskrona, Sweden and delivery will commence in 2016.

Once completed, the 400MW wind farm will have the capacity to supply electricity to around 400,000 local households.

ABB’s Power Systems division head Claudio Facchin said, "ABB has the portfolio, technical know-how, domain knowledge, project management capability and experience to execute such projects. We are pleased to support this initiative and promote the further deployment of renewable energy in Denmark".

Power generated by the offshore wind farm will be brought to shore via a 32km long 220kV three-core polymeric insulated submarine cable with integrated fiber-optics for datacommunications and temperature monitoring of the power cable.