ABB has commissioned a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) link between Norway and Denmark, aimed at enhancing renewable hydroelectric and wind power availability in the region’s electricity grid.

The 500kV Skagerrak 4 HVDC link strengthens the grid owned by Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett and Denmark’s as well as helps balance loads between Norway’s hydroelectric-based system and Denmark’s wind- and thermal-based generation.

ABB Power Systems division head Claudio Facchin said: "ABB pioneered the HVDC technology and continues innovating as it is uniquely positioned in the industry with in-house manufacturing for all key HVDC components, including power semiconductors, converters, converter transformers and high-voltage cables."

ABB has now delivered all four of the Skagerrak system links.

The Skagerrak 4 link features two 700MW Voltage Source Converter stations based on the company’s HVDC Light technology.

The new link operates in bipolar mode with the Skagerrak 3 link that uses classic Line Commutated Converter HVDC technology.